Hillary Clinton In Talks With Bernie Sanders Over Unity

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton

US Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said on Tuesday her campaign has been in contact with the campaign of rival Bernie Sanders about unifying the Democratic Party.

Unifying the party will be a central challenge once Democrats choose their nominee, with Clinton heavily favoured to win the nomination but facing a protracted battle with Mr Sanders, a US senator from Vermont

In an interview on CNN, Ms Clinton said the contacts are likely to intensify after next week’s California primary.

“I will certainly do everything I can to unify the Democratic Party. Our campaigns have been reaching out to one another. We will continue to do that,” she said.

She said both she and Mr Sanders “are going to do everything we can” to prevent Republican candidate Donald Trump from winning the November 8 presidential election.

Mrs Clinton’s victories in the primaries have put her well ahead of Mr Sanders as she tries to secure the Democratic party nomination.

However Mr Sanders, despite being nearly 800 delegates behind, is refusing to give up, threatening to drive a wedge between the two camps.

Only seven primaries and caucuses remain to vote, with more than 800 delegates up for grabs, but Ms Clinton only needs another 71 to win.

Six states, including California, are due to hold primaries on June 7, on a day that is expected to confirm Ms Clinton as the presumptive candidate.

When asked if he would drop out to become Mrs Clinton’s running mate, the Vermont senator said his only focus was to secure the Democratic nomination.

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