Healing Inspiration: A Coloring Book for Patients and Caregivers

Healing Inspiration: A Coloring Book for Patients and Caregivers uniquely offers patients and caregivers a creative and soothing activity to relieve stress during the healing journey.

John Trobaugh, MFA

With large designs, natural scenes and opportunity pages for self-expression, this coloring book is the ideal activity tool as patients and caregivers manage their recovery time in a hospital or at home. This beautiful collection of expansive patterns and calming images draws the colorist’s attention to healing. A perfect coloring book designed to inspire wellness for both patients and caregivers.

Artist John Trobaugh Talks:

I coordinate the Arts in Medicine program for the UMass Memorial Healthcare system. I have done a fair amount of research around the positive benefits of particular kinds of art in a medical setting.

The images I chose to use in the book follow the research. I use images of nature, inspiration and calming geometric shapes because that has been show to be beneficial in visual art in a hospital setting.

I would love to come to your hospital, book club or organization to talk with your group about the research and my experience with art and medicine.

We have created the book for patients and caregivers with large print.

We know when we are sick or in bad, our mobility is decreased. These images are intentionally larger than a typical mindfulness adult coloring book. It is intentionally for those with a disability, no matter if they are in a facility or not.

The idea for the book was generated from conversations about how to bring appropriate activity to patients in an ICU that they would find meaningful and yet would not stress them out if they could not complete a page.

The smaller sized book was requested so that the caregiver could easily take it with them to use as well as the ability to manipulate it from within an ICU bed.

 This book is unique in another way as well. We have created opportunity pages! These opportunity pages allows the colorist to finish a drawing or create a new drawing based on their own ideas. I can’t wait to see what new images come from these partial drawings and pages with just a border.


This book was designed for patients and caregivers. In the brief time that it has been available I have noticed a distinct trend. Women and specifically mothers of all ages seem to be most interested in the Healing Inspiration book.

This is not surprising since mom’s tend to be the caregivers in the family, but it is interesting to see that trend so quickly.

Healing Inspiration: A Coloring Book for Patients and Caregivers,,, John Trobaugh, MFA

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