Published On: Fri, Mar 3rd, 2017

Group Is Attempting to Stop Nationwide Workplace Marijuana Drug Testing


Representatives of NORML, a nonprofit lobbying organization for marijuana legalization, are pushing for the removal of marijuana from workplace drug tests. They’re calling for marijuana’s removal from both pre-employment tests and in cases of termination. NORML doesn’t want marijuana to be a viable reason for businesses to not choose a potential employee or terminate an employee.

NORML will be working with Workplace Drug Testing Coalition in its endeavors, according to Denverite. The removal of marijuana from pre-employment drug testing would greatly open up the pool of candidates for employers. The goal would be to teach marijuana users safe workplace habits and abstinence during work hours.

Kevin Mahmalji of NORML said, “Even though marijuana is legal and readily available in several states, consumers are being unfairly forced to choose between their job and consuming off the clock as a result of out-of-date employment practices.”

Chapters of NORML in California, Colorado, Oregon and Washington are kicking their gears into high speed on their new reform efforts.

Attorney and NORML activist Judd Golden said, “Random, suspicionless drug testing of applicants or employees for past marijuana use is not just unfair and discriminatory, it’s bad for business.”

Jordan Person of NORML wanted to remind employers that testing for marijuana isn’t mandatory – they do have the choice to omit it if they wish.

Denver NORML is in the process of working with businesses offering performance impairment testing for employees that are suspected of using a substance on-the-job. The testing would also determine if use occurred several days ago or that day.

  • larryg

    I’ve been saying that since the 70’s. Invasion of privacy. The only drug that a pee in the cup can show is pot. Hard drugs just half-life over a few hours where pot can stay in the system for months.

  • TheRealMortamus

    I had the perfect job lined up one mile from me Casa… They wanted my experience at Orchard hardware store.. Until I took the drug screening. Even with my license from the doctor. All of sudden I was bad news… I guess I should go back to the opiates for sleeping.. Unbelievable. They told come back in six months with proof of rehabilitation ?

    • Keli Riedel

      that is bullshit!

  • Stopthemadness

    This really pisses me off because as a safety employee we get the random drug test. NONE of my fellow workers including myself would ever show up to work buzzed or high. No way period. But on days off we dream that we can enjoy our lives when on our time. Unfortunately because of the archaic way of testing, for us it’s pee in the cup. That stupid test does not prove impairment, it just show if you have used. In fact I could drive to the test site. Spark up a blunt. I could go in pee and not till about a hour later would I test positive. That’s how stupid this pee test is. I am all for drug test especially in safety positions. But test me with a test that shows current impairment. .like alcohol they have that down.
    We have technology to drive remote control rovers on Mars. You would think they could bring forth a test to show current impairment.

  • Sinsibility

    Everyone who gets drug tested hates it. It’s demeaning and humiliating.
    Why do we allow this surveillance of our lives?
    “JUST SAY NO!” needs to live again.

  • Ivan

    I remember working for a large poultry company and they started to Drug test it made all the good employees leave because they seen it as an invasion of privacy. We got a bunch of replacements who spoke very little English and had many accidents. The company didn’t mind hiring people on prescription candies. Doctors and drug sales reps have a I scratch your back and you scratch mine relationship (masonic brotherhood) ! The masons are hurting having this hole in their money bag and it’s growing. I have insomnia and degenerative disc and I was on opiate for pain, soon needed a pill added for upset stomach the pain pill caused, and sleeping pill that made it hard to wake up. I was late to work a lot and I started using a few strains of Cannabis and am off all toxic pills. My acidic stomach is gone, I wake right up now without tired confusion. And I have never EVER hallucinated, I made cookies and accidentally put 2 X too much and it was just strange, I did not even overdose. If you wish to get HIGH and don’t drink I recommend 1 drag of a Cigarette inhaled. Wow!!! And to think people are driving around on this drug Nicotine that made me feel green. I have a natural medicine and I actually like it. They will try to keep it illegal as I don’t believe they want slave class enjoying life. There seems to be a residual effect as I can go 3 days without use and Sciatica and Migraine are kept in check (I don’t like smoke of any kind) I only wish I tried it much sooner LEGAL or NOT!