“Governor Baker, now that I'm back on the VA's opiates, will you finally honor a meeting?” Veteran Stephen Mandile, THE YOUNG JURKS


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6/11/2016 The Young Jurks episode with a phone call from documentary producer, Greg Horvath Producer of “The Business of Recovery” doc.

With Stephen Mandile of Veterans Alternative Healing, Inc. live in-studio discussing his meeting that never happened with Governor Charlie Baker.

The Young Jurks also read a statement from Attorney Michael Cutler related to the use of Certified Nurse Practitioners to recommend medical marijuana by Canna Care Docs. 

G.L. c. 112, sec. 80I [https://malegislature.gov/Laws/GeneralLaws/PartI/TitleXVI/Chapter112/Section80I] enables NPs to perform tasks under a doctor’s supervision generally, which would appear to include certifying patients under the MMJ statute (St. 2012, c. 369). BRN — the nurses’ licensing agency, the Board of Registration in Nursing — enacted regulation 244 CMR sec. 4.06(3)(d), which does so explicitly.

Still, the MMJ statute (at sec. 12&13) delegates only to DPH, the authority to issue regulations to implement the state MMJ law; DPH’s failure to adopt the BRN regulation (thus limiting MMJ certs to doctors, excluding NPs) appears to be the basis for BRM’s — the doctors’ licensing agency, the Board of Regulation in Medicine — persecution of at least one Canna Care Docs (CCD)-doctor. CCD’s doctor may have a defense based on sec. 80I, but BRM may persist in its jihad against MMJ doctors until both trial and appellate judges tell the BRM it is wrong (if the judges rule that sec. 80I and the BRN regulation trumps the failure of DPH to adopt a corresponding regulation allowing NPs to certify MMJ patients). 

Note, I do not represent CCD, nor its doctor(s).”

Attorney Michael D. Cutler, Northampton and Boston MA 

Website: EvansCutler.com


And also a phone call from Segun Idowu, Boston Police Camera Action Team. The Young Jurks is also broadcast live on tunein app search for WEMF Radio. Support Massachusetts Patient Advocacy Alliance & Veterans Alternative Healing Inc.

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