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Published On: Wed, Apr 12th, 2017

Former Russian Mayor Takes Ferrari For Joyride Inside Moscow Mall


The former mayor of the Russian town of Arkhangelsk recently was filmed doing doughnuts in his Ferrari in the middle of a Moscow mall.

Aleksandr Donskoy was caught on CCTV driving his bright red sports car through the aisles of the Vesna mall in downtown Moscow, according to Metro.co.uk.

No pedestrians were injured during the stunt as Donskoy performed it in the early hours of the morning.

It took the security guards 15 minutes to stop the Ferrari from racing through the mall.

Donskoy told the Russian website 360 that the stunt was a “performance” in the style of the artist Marina Abramovich.

“I like to joke,” Donskoy said, as transcribed by Metro.co.uk. “This is such a funny performance, a way of attracting attention. But, unfortunately, not everyone took it as a joke. On the whole, I think this is such a funny stunt.

“I chose a safe place and the best route for this performance. Everything was thought out, there was no risk of causing any damage.”

Donskoy was one of the youngest mayors in Russia when he was elected, but he was jailed in 2007 for economic crimes and abuse of office following his declaration to run against Vladimir Putin in the 2008 presidential election.

He was released the following year and now has retired from politics.

Donskoy now produces stunt and reviews videos for his YouTube channel.

Thumbnail photo via YouTube

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Source: NESN

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