Published On: Mon, Jul 25th, 2016

Final chance to protect pregnant workers

The jobs bill–“An act relative to job creation, workforce development and infrastructure investment” (H.4483/S.2435)–has been identified as a top priority to get done before the session ends. For pregnant workers, it’s essential that the final bill include the Pregnant Workers Fairness Amendment that was added in the Senate.

As the Boston Globe put it in a July 20 editorial, “providing basic safeguards for pregnant working women should be a given. [S]wiftly pass the Pregnant Workers Fairness bill so women…don’t have to choose between a healthy pregnancy or a job.”

I hope everyone can agree that pregnant employees should not be fired when they need an extra bathroom break, a water bottle to sip or a stool to sit on. A simple accommodation can make a huge difference for women’s health, safety, and economic security.

It’s inspiring to know that we’re on the verge of a significant positive step for pregnant workers in the Commonwealth!

Please reach out to the conferees and leadership to ensure these important protections for pregnant workers are preserved in the final jobs bill.