Published On: Fri, Oct 7th, 2016

Drudge Gets Lambasted on Twitter For Pushing Hurricane Matthew Conspiracy

Drudge Gets Lambasted on Twitter For Pushing Hurricane Matthew Conspiracy

Susanne Posel ,Chief Editor Occupy Corporatism | Media Spokesperson, HEALTH MAX Group

Hurricane Matthew is hitting the Florida Coast with wind gusts of over 100 miles per hour. The storm is expected to cause millions, if not billions of dollars of damage to the Sunshine State, as well as South Carolina and Georgia.

Rush Limbaugh, one of the right-wing’s favorite conspiracy monger, said that the National Hurricane Center is “playing games” with their Hurricane Matthew coverage and continued on: “It’s in the interest of the left to have destructive hurricanes because then they can blame it on climate change, which they can desperately continue trying to sell.”

matt-drudge-hurricane-matthew-conspiracy-climate-change_occupycorporatismAnd while people are dealing with a Category 3 hurricane ripping through their homes and destroying their neighborhoods in the Caribbean, Matt Drudge, founder of the conspiracy-mongering website Drudge Report, has been busy fueling the tinfoiled flames of hoax.

On his website, Drudge made the claim that the hurricane “looks ragged” and therefore must be a hoax. And his sphere of influence meant that his conspiracies put Floridians, Georgians and South Carolinians in immediate risk of life and property.

And all because meteorologists and scientists have suggested that Hurricane Matthew may have been helped by climate change via atmospheric warming. On the ocean, this warming can create higher seas and more powerful storms.

On Twitter, Drudge conveyed skepticism about the weather stations and their forecast of the hurricane, accusing meteorologists of hyping the hurricane to make people more concerned.

Interestingly, Drudge was lambasted for the tweet by the Twitter-verse for suggesting that this hurricane was not as dangerous as the news portrayed it and laid claim that recommendations for evacuation were over-blown.

Susanne Posel

Susanne Posel

Chief Editor | Investigative Journalist