Help Wanted??? “Actors Needed For National Convention (Philadelphia)” Ad Appears On Craigslist,,,

Somebody either has a GREAT sense of humor or the DNC is really having a rough go of it,,, Here’s a new image that appeared for a short time on the infamous Craigslist for at least a short period of time,,,



According to a post appearing on The Bernie Belivers Facebook Page,,, Feelings are running high and they just might need to hire people to fill the place up for Hillary:


“Let’s see if I got this right. Clinton has the lowest favorability ratings, is losing in MSM polls against Trump in swing states, Cheated and Lied, and you think she can win against Trump and all the vitriol against both the CLINTONS democrat, republican and independent.
ANYONE with half a brain would see that
(see all those white cards on seats in the distance?

From Jim Boydston, California Bernie Delegate:

“This is the arena right now; all of the seats with white cards are reserved for the actors” (who are being hired by DNC off of craigslist to fill the empty seats at the convention hall)

Hi Paul,
I’m in the convention hall now, waiting for the next dry cornholing, courtesy of the rotten, corrupt, corporate UNDemocratic party. I’m only here out of solidarity with my fellow Bernie delegates.

I was part of last night’s walkout. It was absolutely the right thing for us to do in the face of this atrocious shaming by the establishment. Our voice has been stifled; there is no hope whatsoever for reforming this travesty of an organization.

Their lackeys are currently trying to co-opt us into throwing input support of $hillary.

Ain’t gonna happen.

The only thing that will satisfy me is to see the utter destruction of the rotten UNDemocratic party.

That’s the only way to stop the corruption.

We delegates are so thankful the people are protesting outside the convention; it’s heartening to know we’re not alone.

On another note, the rotten DNC has placed a Craigslist ad seeking 700 actors to fill seats in the arena tomorrow. IOW, they’re looking to push as many of

us out as they can. Fuck them.

Feel free to share this.”


This Sounds Like A Seat Filler Job For Kramer,,,




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