Disc Golf Pro Tour,,, The Modern Age Of Disc Golf.

  • A disc golf festival, a pro disc golf tour, and a platform to spread the culture of the disc and to give back.

    The modern age of disc golf.

    A disc golf festival
    A pro disc golf tour
    A platform to spread the culture of the disc
    An opportunity to give back

    We are building the modern age of disc golf. It will be fun, entertaining, interactive, engaging, and meaningful. Play disc festival games, race through an inflatable maze, and watch the best players in the world play disc golf. Interact and engage one on one with professional players while helping spread the positive culture of the disc, giving to a quality charity, and smiling with neighbors while doing it.

    What is the 2016 pro tour?

    Five premier events, live coverage, complete stats, a points series with a tour championship, a family festival inspired by disc golf; including disc games, face painting, an inflatable maze and more.

    Watch. And grow the sport.

  • Mission
    Create a sustainable professional disc golf tour which will push the sport forward while maintaining the culture of the disc.
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