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Published On: Tue, Nov 15th, 2016

Denver Residents Can Soon Smoke Marijuana In Certain Bars And Restaurants

The Denver Post is reporting that the nation’s most pot-friendly city has passed Initiative 300, a measure that will allow businesses to apply for permits that grant marijuana “consumption areas” onsite.

The bill clears a path for people to smoke in Denver coffee shops, restaurants, bars, and even yoga studios with special permitting.

“This is a victory for cannabis consumers who, like alcohol consumers, simply want the option to enjoy cannabis in social settings,” Kayvan Khalaatbari, co-owner of professional group Denver Relief Consulting and the initiative’s lead advocate, said in a statement.

Recreational marijuana has been legal in Colorado since 2012.

A booming “canna-tourism” industry has taken hold since then, with tourists dropping an estimated $100 million at recreational marijuana stores in Colorado last year. Vacationing smokers accounted for nearly 17% of adult-use sales in the state, the Marijuana Business Daily reports.

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