I’m Moving To Bangor Just For The Cops,,, “Got Warrants?” July 27th 2016

'It's a pretty nice warrant, all right, but I wouldn't call it 'outstanding'.'


So I’m going through my news feed looking for the often reported “Cop Does Bad Thing” “Shooters On The Loose” and “Vote For My Cute Kitty Photo So I can Win A Million WhatChaMaCallIt Points” when I came across this “Report” from the BANGOR MAINE POLICE DEPARTMENT:

It opened with this:


“Got Warrants?” comes to you from 240 Main Street in Bangor, Maine. The stories are true but you will find no names attached. It is a purposeful attempt at allowing people avoid embarrassment. It gives the follower of our page a glimpse into the types of calls that police officers tend to each and every day.”


Read a bit further and read this:

“We also have crooks, sex offenders and drug dealers. We don’t enjoy their company sometimes raise an eyebrow to their antics. You don’t invite the fox to the henhouse. He finds his own way. Sneaky and subtle. Picture us as the farmer who is sick of losing chickens. Still friendly but keeping an eye out as he weeds the corn. Corn is good.”

A few great anecdotes followed and the “Report” ended with the following:


Keep your hands to yourself.
Leave other people’s things alone and be kind to one another.
We will be here!

Just made me realize,, Cops are FUNNY PEOPLE,,,,

Just one of their Facebook Posts:


On Tuesday, Lt. Robert Bishop attended the opening of the Maine Troop Greeters Museum at Bangor International Airport.

Visual storyteller, Kevin Bennett captured this photo of my boss spending some time with a lovely lady either leaving town or just coming back.

Bob has his coffee. Bob likes coffee.

The best part of photos are the expressions on people’s faces. Bennett knows that I like a Norman Rockwell “feel” to photos and he caught this moment in time, perfectly.

Additionally, the lady is holding on to her purse. This is exactly how you should hold on to your purse when in a public, social situation. No word on if she thought Bob might be up to no good. We know he was just enjoying himself but you never can be too careful.

The Troop Greeters are a big part of Bangor and the museum will be a nice addition to the airport.

When I read through comments on our page (I read every one BTW) I see many people mention being in the military and shipping back into the United States through BIA. They all say that the could not believe the welcome they received when walking off that airplane. Usage of cell phones to call family, food and of course, hugs. The Maine Troop Greeters are special and world famous for their kindness.
Check out their website>www.mainetroopgreetersmuseum.org

Just another reason why Bangor is one of the greatest places to live, work and shop.

We urge everyone to keep their hands to themselves, leave other people’s things alone and be kind to one another.

We still urge you to hang on to your purse because not everyone is from Bangor.

We will be here!


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'It's a pretty nice warrant, all right, but I wouldn't call it 'outstanding'.'
‘It’s a pretty nice warrant, all right, but I wouldn’t call it ‘outstanding’.’






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