Clinton Supporter Wants To Block Bernie Sanders from the Convention,,,

Lisa Anne Rexrode of Glen Allen, VA has decided that Bernie Supporters should not be allowed to attend the convention,,,

At she currently has a petition to do just that, she writes:

“Bernie Sanders and his supporters are threatening a lot of damage to our Presumptive nominee and our democrat convention. They are being trained on how to riot, they are threatening uproars IF we do not hand Bernie Sanders the nomination. They are not coming to support our nominee they are coming to start trouble. It is all over social media apparently, Jeff Weaver is also inclined to the destruction they intend to cause. This is history to our party as well as our presumptive nominee. We had a election and Bernie Sanders and his platform was shut out. The fact that he is still trying to destroy both our party as well as our nominee should be reason enough to uninvite him. He has not even presented his tax returns and he is not a democrat. We democrats demand him to be uninvited unless he can at least support our party
This petition will be delivered to:

  • Representative
    Debbie Wasserman Schultz

I guess she believes that he is undeserving in her eye’s to be treated fairly,,,






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