Male Contraception Initiative Is Looking For A Director of Operation And Programs

We were talking with one of our funders recently and they said that they were amazed by the amount of work we do for such a small operation. We pride ourselves on our efficiency. That said, we’ve reached the point where we need to bring on another employee. We’ve just made an job posting for Director of Operations and Programs. This More...

by MassCentral | Published 2 months ago
By MassCentral On Wednesday, February 22nd, 2017

UPS Has a New Trick to Make Drone Deliveries a Reality

Jonathan Vanian 12:31 AM Eastern It will be years before drones routinely deliver paper towels, cereal, and screwdrivers to our doorsteps, if ever. For now, companies are testing More...

By MassCentral On Wednesday, February 15th, 2017

Where Home Phone Convenience Will Meet the Intelligence of Voice-assisted Search

February 15, 2017 by Mark Sullivan Voice control vector illustration. Smart computer voice control with human voice. Smart phone, smart house, modern computer technology. Voice control command background. Voice More...

By MassCentral On Tuesday, February 14th, 2017

Reclaim Your Day: How To Save Time With Visuals and Markup

According to the Rolling Stones, time is on my side. Well, as much as I love the Stones, I can say without fear of contradiction that time is, in fact, NOT on my side. Not even a little bit. Like you, I’m busy. More...

By MassCentral On Tuesday, February 14th, 2017

How to Get the Perfect Lighting for Video

If you’re just starting out, lighting for video can be tricky. There is a big difference in how our eyes perceive light compared to a camera lens. Cameras need WAY more light to produce a quality image than you More...

By MassCentral On Saturday, February 11th, 2017

How to Create a DIY Green Screen Video Effect

All you need to make a green screen video is a smartphone, a cloth, some video editing software, and a few tips and tricks. The green screen has come a long way since Lawrence Butler won an academy award for his More...

By MassCentral On Friday, January 20th, 2017

New York Times CRO: If You’re Not Facebook, Google Or Snapchat, You’re A Niche Advertising Business

by Kelly Liyakasa // Friday, January 20th, 2017 – 11:25 am Any publisher who is not a big platform company is on the express train to becoming a niche ads business, predicts Meredith Kopit Levien, EVP and More...

By MassCentral On Thursday, December 29th, 2016

The Wearable Smartphone: The future of smartphones and wearable devices

19 Sep The Wearable Smartphone: The future of smartphones and wearable devices Posted at 23:41h in Business, Carriers, Design, eyeHand blog by PR 0 Comments 0 Likes If recent history is any indication for what More...

By MassCentral On Sunday, November 6th, 2016

Is It Fishin’ Weather Big Mouth “Alexa” Bass ???

Brian Kane is a developer  who see’s things others don’t. His latest “vision” had Big Mouth Billy Bass giving valuable intell to an avid fisherman  for the “Hunt”,,, Amazon More...

By MassCentral On Tuesday, October 4th, 2016

It’s Not Too Late! How to Reduce Audio Noise in Your Recordings (For Free)

Recording clean audio can be tough, especially in noisy environments. Whether it’s background noise or less-than-ideal equipment, sometimes you end up with hissy audio. Luckily there is a free method to make your More...

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