Bryce Harper Tells Little Leaguers To Ignore Participation Trophies

Bryce Harper didn’t become the 2015 National League MVP by settling for anything less than.

All Charges Against Julian Assange Dropped – Redacted Tonight

Julian Assange is one step closer to freedom. Sweden has officially dropped the sexual assault.

Hillary’s Closest Allies Frustrated She’s Not Viewed As ‘Central Resistance Figure’

By Rachel Stoltzfoos Hillary Clinton advisers are reportedly upset she’s not seen as a key.

HBO’s John Oliver needs a net neutrality reality check

John Oliver is a comedian by night and net neutrality activist by day, as host.

Court Case Forces DNC To Admit Rigged Primary Election – Redacted Tonight

Lee Camp updates us on the lawsuit Bernie Sanders supporters filed against the DNC for.

Addicted to the war on drugs: Just as we were wising up, President Trump has us back in an old-style fight against narcotics

President Trump seems to believe the only way America can win a war on drugs.

Liberal Columnist Excoriates Hillary Clinton: “Shut the F— Up and Go Away Already”

By Kody Fairfield A political columnist who voted for then-Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton in.

Shattered Shows How Clinton Quickly Decided To Blame Others For Her Loss

  The Democratic Party continues its attempts to figure out what went wrong and how.

When Will Hillary Clinton Grow Up And Take Responsibility?

The failure to accept responsibility is a growing problem in society and pushed in particular.

NYT Opinion Writer: Censorship is Free Speech

LISTEN TO TLR’S LATEST PODCAST: By Brett Chandrasekhar Is war peace? Is freedom slavery? Is.