Barbaric acid attacks are becoming part of a growing gang problem in the UK

BY: NADIA ZAIDI  When we think of acid attacks, we often think of India, Bangladesh,.

Sanders Medicare for All Delusion

Bernie Sanders has a health care plan he calls Medicare for all. He’s underselling it..

CIA Director: U.S. Wont Reveal Bin Laden Porn Stash

Written by Mark Gage On Fox News Bret Baier, the Director of the Central intelligence.

Synthetic Painkiller Topples Heroin As Deadliest Drug In America

LISTEN TO TLR’S LATEST PODCAST: Steve Birr The drug epidemic in America is increasingly fueled.

Social Justice is Fake Scholarship,’ Oxford Philosopher Says

Sir Roger Vernon Scruton, an English philosopher and writer who specializes in political philosophy and.

How to help, Liberal extremism, shelter changes Letters to the Editor 9-2-17

How can we help? As I watch with the rest of the nation in shock.

After The FCC Repeals Net Neutrality The FTC Won’t Leave Internet Users Unprotected

The internet grew up without much government regulation. But the more central it becomes to.

Executive Order To Stop Abortion Funding Defends Life Of Unborn Babies

Last week, South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster (R) signed an executive order to stop public.

Media’s Faux Outrage on Display as They Slam Melania’s Hurricane Fashion

Vogue magazine writer Lynn Yaeger piled on the media criticism of Melania Trump on Tuesday.

Apparently The 40 Hour Work Week Is Not The Best Model,,,

So apparently the 40-hour work week isn’t just soul-eating, it’s literally bad for business The.