Amazon Buying Whole Foods? What Small Businesses Can Learn

Amazon(NASDAQ:AMZN) just announced plans to purchase Whole Foods (NASDAQ:WFM). The deal, valued at about $13.7.

Facebook Adds GIFs in Comments, Releases New Data to Celebrate 30 Years of GIFs

Is it pronounced with a soft ‘g’, as in ‘giraffe’ or a hard ‘g’ like.

7 Tips that Make Maintaining Evergreen Content Easier

Evergreen content is defined differently by many different content experts – Wordstream even wrote a.

6 Social Media Behaviors to Avoid in 2017 [Infographic]

In today’s hyper-connected world, businesses who want to engage their customers and convey their marketing.

4 Companies That Prove Social is the Best Way to Recruit Summer Hires

Summertime can only mean one thing – hiring season is in full swing. Across the.

A Key Tip for Better Writing: Read Your Work Aloud

Have you ever heard your own voice on a recording and been horrified by what.

3 Steps to Help Maximize the Use of Influencers in Your Marketing Process

Influencers are the new celebrity endorsements. By leveraging key leaders in your industry, who have their.

Twitter's Given their Apps a Major Overhaul – Here's What's Been Updated

As you may have already noticed, Twitter has unveiled a fairly significant redesign today, maybe the biggest in the.

Instagram's Rolling Out New 'Paid Partnership' Tags to Provide More Transparency

Back in March, reports indicated that Instagram was testing out a new Partner Tags option.

Twitter's Added New Direct Action Buttons in DMs to Provide More Bot Options

While Twitter hasn’t made bots a key focus of their customer service tools, they have.

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