Jeff Weaver,,, The Main Concern About #BernieOrBust Supporters Is That They Will Stay Home

Published on Jul 13, 2016

Jeff Weaver, campaign manager for the Bernie Sanders campaign, talks with Rachel Maddow about what will become of the Sanders political movement, and how Sanders will be campaigning for Hillary Clinton to defeat Donald Trump for the presidency.
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  • I don’t think embracing the oligarchy is the path. This endorsement does not pass the smell test. My inner feeling is that a buy off by the Clintons was accepted. No one wants to think about such a thing, but most of the time it is about money. 2020 will be a election and the progressive revolution can be organized to elect a suitable person.

    • Sunday

      Sorry, WRONG! Bernie may have been threatened but he could never have been bought off.

  • I’m #bernieorbust. I’ll either write in Bernie (if allowed), or vote for Stein! #NeverHillary!!!

  • Yvonne Aileen

    BernieorBust isn’t about Bernie, it’s about not allowing fear to strong arm us into voting for corruption. We have choices, which include Jill Stein and writing in Bernie Sanders. No one is staying home. #NeverHillary, #DemExit on a massive scale.