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Published On: Fri, Jun 24th, 2016

Bernie Sanders References Third Party June 24 CSPAN Video

Bernie Sanders References Third Party “The action is going to be in the Democratic party, or perhaps a third party.”- Bernie Sanders

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June 24, 2016


  • Pat

    You heard it…..at 45 seconds…..The “action” is going to be in the Democratic Party or in a Third party

    • If he on the ballot in Illinois I will vote for him in that party. There were write-ins for the primary that I could find on the paper ballot and I don’t know how to use an electronic ballot and would rally be afraid of it. I don’t know now user friendly it is.

      • I live in Frankfort Illinois. We have paper ballots that are run through an electronic machine. There is a space left for write ins. After what Redacted Tonight exposed in Chicago voting fraud for Clinton.. it’s hard to trust that they will receive any honest attention.


    • “PERHAPS a third party”. Bernie is mentioning it, he in no way hinted about a run within it. He said at the very beginning of the primary “I will not run as a third party”, and why.

      Stop looking for threads to grasp onto. Listen to the ENTIRE interview in context. I think this was from about a week ago.

      All these stupid blogs do is make people look like fools until take time to offer proof its from an accurate source and what is bring seen coincides with what the clip is actually talking about. Most blogs a b.s. and I am not referring to Bernie.

      HA Goodman, political columnist speaks of some of the evidence surrounding Hillary and believes she will be indicted before July 25th. I hope he is right, but people need to realize that even though he is an appropriate source, as is a few others, what you are listening to is three opinion. What should happen, may not happen in a corrupt society.

      That is all I’m going to say. Some people refuse to hear common sense and logic, and I have a life

  • Now that the Demons have elected to disregard everything Bernie asked for there is no choice but a 3rd party. Run Bernie Run!!!!!! The Berners will put Bernie Sanders in the whitehouse.

  • It’s Dexit or grasping at Grains Of sand …

  • I’m totally hoping he runs third party. The corruption and criminality of Hillary Clinton is too obscene to allow into the White House.

    P.S. Love “Dexit”

    Check out this site.