Published On: Thu, Nov 19th, 2015

Ask Governor Baker to withdraw his opposition to accepting Syrian refugees

I am writing to urge you to send a message that Massachusetts is a welcoming place for refugees.

Your statements against the resettlement of any Syrian refugees in Massachusetts were the worst kind of fear mongering. At best, such attitudes promote division and suspicion between neighbors; at worst, they spur hate crimes.

Your statements ignored the dangerous and heartbreaking conditions from which refugees are fleeing, the rigorous screening process that Syrian refugees face, and your own duty to uphold our state and federal constitutions. Worst of all, they ignored the values of this Commonwealth.

Our Commonwealth does not let itself be overtaken by fear, or turn its back on innocent people seeking protection from danger.

Please withdraw your opposition to accepting Syrian refugees, and send a strong message that Massachusetts will stand strong, fight fear, and be a welcoming home for refugees.