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Published On: Thu, May 26th, 2016

Adele forgets her own lyrics, handles it like a true Adele


Image: twitter/@popcrave

Be like Adele: when you make a mistake, halt your concert to giggle at yourself.

According to footage posted to Twitter on Tuesday, the singer fumbled the opening lines to 25 track “A Million Years Ago,” singing the verse instead of the chorus.

But Adele, a noted goofball, handled the error like a true queen — she stopped the song entirely to laugh along with her subjects. 

“Shit, shit, wrong words,” she said, and everyone laughed. No one minded. All was well.

Such is the power of Adele.

Adele also paused a concert in Denmark earlier this month to talk about how much she loves Beyoncé — another great decision.

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[H/T: Time]

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