ACLU of Massachusetts: Question 4 is an issue of social justice

Voting “Yes� on Question 4 is a vote for social justice, argues Whitney Taylor, political director for the ACLU of Massachusetts. Read her powerful piece in support of Question 4 here.

Throughout this campaign season, opponents of Question 4 have repeatedly claimed that “no one is arrested for marijuana.� Data compiled and analyzed by the ACLU of Massachusetts says otherwise. Their organization recently created a live map of marijuana arrests and police encounters in Boston, and on average, 13 people are stopped, frisked, and arrested by Boston police for marijuana each week.

Making this problem even more concerning is the fact that people of color in Massachusetts are 3.3 times more likely to be arrested for marijuana possession that whites — despite virtually identical usage rates — according to 2014 FBI statistics. The ACLU recently released a detailed report, The War on Marijuana in Black and White: A Massachusetts Update, outlining those and other disturbing statistics. Read the report here.

We are proud to stand with the ACLU of Massachusetts in supporting a path toward more sensible marijuana policies. If you think police should not be stopping, searching, and arresting adults for marijuana, vote “Yes� on Question 4.

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