A Beginners Guide To Cannabis Strains

By Pete Chapman | TheJunkyG

Even as different States continue to legalize marijuana for medical or recreational use, it will be helpful to understand the different strains in the market. Like most products, your encounter with one strain will give you a totally different experience from when using the other. Today, there are numerous variations of cannabis in the market. However, there are two main strains of cannabis you are likely to come across. The rest are a combination of the genes from these two in varied ratios, and other plants.




Cannabis Strains

  1. Sativa

Cannabis Sativa is a difficult strain of marijuana to find. This is because it does well in temperate areas with varying weather patterns such as those near the equator. The plant usually grows tall and thin, and can do well in outdoor gardens. Today, this strain is commonly planted in Mexico, South East Asia, and Columbia.

When consumed, some common effects of Cannabis Sativa are paranoia, a boost in energy, uplift of the user’s spirit, and other mind altering effects. In this case, it can be effectively applied to relief fatigue, pain,

It is important to note that pure sativa is hardly used for medicinal purposes. This is because it is known to cause irregular heartbeats and paranoia. For this reason, most of its hybrids have been modified to minimize Cannabis Sativa’s side-effects thus making it safer for use in medicine.

  1. Indica

The second strain of cannabis is believed to bear its roots in Hindu Kush, a region near Afghanistan. The thick coat of resin prevalent in the Cannabis Indica is believed to develop as an adaptation feature to the harsh climatic conditions in this area. Today, this strain of cannabis is grown in  Morocco, Tibet, Pakistan, Afghanistan and any other areas within 30-50 degrees latitude.

When growing, the plants tend to be short and bushy. Actually, this is the best strain for an indoor cannabis garden. They take about 6 to 8 weeks to mature.

Pure Indica is a better pain reliever, with tendency to sedate and relax the entire body. It is a sought after strand for people interested in using or making medical marijuana prescriptions. It can be used to relief various symptoms including muscle spasms, anxiety, insomnia and pain. Some native names for the Cannabis Indica are G-13, Hashplant, Afghani, Herijuana and Pakistani.

  1. Cannabis Hybrids

Like the name suggests, hybrids of cannabis are a crossbreed of the two main strains, Sativa and Indica. In some cases, genetics of other herbs and fruits are added to the hybrids. The dominant ingredient influences how the hybrid grows, matures, and functions once in your body. The main reason behind crossbreeding is to get strains that can adapt to the user’s growing and consumption needs.

This brings us to the broad categories of cannabis hybrids;

  • Hybrid Sativa Dominant:

When Cannabis Sativa is crossbred with other genes such as those of Indica, fruit species, and other herbs, one is likely to get a new species of cannabis that has taste, flavor and stimulant effects close to those os pure sativa. In most cases, the hybrid is free of paranoia thus a better medication than pure sativa.

Also, they retain the ability to lift one’s spirits, energy and cause relaxation. In this case, hybrid sativa dominant can treat poor appetite, depression and mood disorders. It is better taken in the morning or a time when one is not going to sleep because of its ability to stimulate energy. Examples of such strains in the market include; Green Crack and Jack Herer.

  • Hybrid Indica Dominant:

Hybrid Indicas have high medicinal value and thus are largely valued in the field. Also, they have superb qualities that suit both the patient and grower. This makes them common in the available medical cannabis today. An example of such a hybrid is Kush.

They also contain high CBD levels since most of them are crossbred with another unique sub-strand of cannabis called ruderalis. They can help relief pain from severe inflammation or injury, and insomnia. Today, hybrid indica dominant strains are trading in the market as Grand Daddy Purp and Blue Dream, among others.

Pete Chapman is a marijuana enthusiast who joined TheJunkyG, a website featuring information about weed strains, seeds and seed banks reviews and comparisons, because of his urge to share his knowledge about marijuana with the world. His current focus is on Hemp but he likes to write on anything related to marijuana. And yes, he does vape.

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