What does the 8-ball Facebook emoji mean and why are people posting it?

Many people are spotting the 8-ball emoji on their Facebook pages – and here’s the reason why,,,

The 8-ball (Photo: Universal Images Group Editorial
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The campaign to raise awareness has even spread to posting site Reddit, where users debated the meaning behind it.

“Trying to raise awareness for prostate cancer can all you men (only men ) (i made this one up for you blokes).can you please put a [8-ball]on your wall dont comment then send this on to all your male mates,” wrote one user.

Each year about 46,000 men in the UK are diagnosed with prostate cancer and 11,000 die from the disease.

Surgeons and staff operating on a prostate cancer patient
Surgeons and staff operating on a prostate cancer patient (Photo: Trinity Mirror)
Video thumbnail, Prostate Cancer UK - Men United advert
 For localised non-aggressive cancers, doctors often employ a “watchful waiting” strategy that involves no treatment unless the disease shows signs of progressing.

A major problem is that prostate tumors are complex compared with other cancers and made up of many parts, making classification difficult.

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