10 Reasons Why Hillary Clinton Supporters are Still So Angry at Bernie Sanders

“What’s actually making them mad? Let’s lay it out in ten easy steps:

1. Many of Clinton’s supporters were politically progressive before this election, and would have been quite happy with a presidential candidate like Elizabeth Warren. Happier, actually, because she embodied their beliefs—especially in the economic realm—in a way that Clinton did not. It’s the self-identified progressives, as opposed to the actual centrists, are the ones displaying the most anger today.

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2. These progressive voters seized on Clinton’s candidacy based largely on identity politics. They wanted a female president, and the emergence of Sanders’ candidacy was a complicating nuisance, coming after they’d committed ideologically.

3. At the same time, they didn’t want to believe that they were supporting a war hawk and a fiscal conservative, because that ran against their progressive ideals. Life was better when Clinton was the only viable non-Republican option, because they didn’t have to explain themselves.


4. On some level, they recognized that their politics were more closely aligned with Bernie. Nevertheless, identity politics kept them in Clinton’s camp.

5. In order to erase the cognitive dissonance and justify their support to themselves, they employed several strategies, like falsely attributing widespread sexism to Sanders supporters, and trying to paint them as exclusively male in an attempt to efface the vast majority of young women and people of color who backed him. If Bernie and all his people were covert misogynists, then their progressivism was phony, and it was okay to support Hillary. It also erased the need to discuss real issues—a convenient out, since Hillary’s political history doesn’t stack up well from a progressive standpoint.

6. By muddying the waters, they could convince themselves that in reality, there wasn’t much policy difference between the two.

7. Adding Elizabeth Warren as an ally made them feel good, because it reinforced that idea—if a true progressive is supporting our candidate, it must be okay.


8. After Clinton won, and Bernie began to fight for the platform, the cognitive dissonance began to rear its ugly head once again. A look at the finer points revealed the truth mentioned above—that if you support Clinton, you’re also on the side of fracking, free trade, carbon pollution, increased fossil fuel drilling, non-universal health care, and a frozen minimum wage. Again, this had the potential to make them question their progressive bona fides.

9. They didn’t want to feel like political centrists, much less fiscal, environmental, and foreign policy conservatives, so yet again, they had to drum up anger against Sanders. Sexism wouldn’t work this time, so the narrative shifted—Bernie is arrogant, Bernie is presumptuous, Bernie should just shut up and pretend everything is hunky-dory.

10. In this way, their self-conception is preserved, and the narrative is once again shifted away from actual policy. The dominant discussion is not whether fracking is a good thing that should go on indefinitely, but whether Bernie Sanders is hurting the country and the party by being a stick in the mud.


It’s a pretty impressive act of self-delusion. This is how certain progressives, faced with a real chance to change the country, have betrayed their own politics—and in many cases, their own generation—and handed the presidential election to neoliberals that will inevitably disappoint them. The only way to avoid looking in the mirror, it turns out, is to remain in a state of vigilant anger against anyone who threatens your feeble, contradictory belief system. In this way, they have more in common with Trump’s supporters than they’d ever like to admit.

  1. I think you are on to something. There must be some deep, psychological reason for the hatred and vitriol expressed by some Hillary supporters. But I think it may actually a very simple explanation: people who consider themselves to be liberal simply cannot attack anyone more left than they are based on policies. It has to be personal, it has to be ad hominem. This was always known. People said this as soon as Bernie announced he would run – namely that he did not have to worry about being attacked y the GOP, but rather by the centrist Democrats.
    Bernie’s platform was really nothing more than an updated version of FDR’s Second bill of Rights. Bernie was constantly channeling FDR, and so this put Democrats in a pickle. How could they attack his policies when they were the same as FDR, Truman, etc. had espoused – and in some cases, the same as Hillary herself had one supported?
    WELL – They had to react by saying not only that Bernie was a racist, but that FDR was a racist, and the New Deal was racist. Social Security itself was racist. Seriously – I have had these fights on Twitter.

    • No one said Bernie was a racist. No one I know.

      We said that Bernie didn’t release his tax returns. Which is still true.

      We said that Bernie gave the same stump speech wherever he went and it was full of empty platitudes. Which was true.

      We said Bernie’s interview with the New York daily news revealed him to be less well informed on basic issues even key issues he cared about than we liked.

      We said Bernie wasn’t exciting to the core of the Democratic Party which is women of color, which was statistically true.

      We said Bernie isn’t as committed to reproductive freedom as hillary which is true as he has continued to endorse not pro choice candidates.

      We also said Bernie and hillary voted together 93 percent of the time in the senate so some of the differences between them were exaggerated for his supporters. Which was true.

      She won the democratic primaries by almost four million more votes than Bernie for all of these reasons and more.

      • Congratulations on surviving your coma, and welcome back.

        RACISM: Bernie was smeared by Hillary and her Hillbots all through the primary for having a racist position on gun violence:

        TAXES: Bernie released his 2014 tax returns; as he was never an official nominee for President, you will have to content yourself with that. He does have one of the lowest net worths in teh Senate according to his Senate financial disclosure statements ($485K). Not sure what you hope to find. It’s not like he is worth the $153 MILLION that Hillary was….

        CONSISTENCY: I find this the most baffling and troubling of the Hillbot attacks. Imagine, Bernie Sanders had the gall to actually say the same things in every speech, regardless of whom he was addressing! He treated the people in New York and California the same way he treated the people in Kansas or Alabama. Imagine that! This was for me always a dead give-away of just how blind the Clintonites were – that somehow pandering to different audiences, calculating and tailoring your speech to target specific “demographics” was somehow clever. All it did was show just how shallow Hillary was, and put the ring of truth into her own admission that she had a “public face” and a “private face.”

        PLATITUDES: This is simply ridiculous. Bernie called for a very specific $15 minimum wage, tuition-free college, paid for with a FTT, increasing taxes on the wealthy and the corporations, 3 months paid family and medical leave … THESE are the things he spoke bout in EVERY SINGLE SPEECH – and you Hillbotz say he sounded like a broken record, or a “one note” candidate — HA! You have no idea what it means to be consistent on the issues because you actually believe in them.

        NY DAILY NEWS: This was, of course, Mort Zuckerman’s way of expressing his support for Hillary – a great hot piece, but it was a total smear job and Bernie was wrongly accused of not knowing how the Fed worked because the interviewer asked him something that made no sense and was not even possible under current Fed laws. This all came out later, of course, but the damage was done. And yet you will probably say somewhere else that Bernie was never “vetted.” Hahahahaha.

        CORE OF THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY: This one is just stupid and racist. I almost feel like stopping when I read this bunch of bs. Stupid and untrue, See the survey chart below. #BernieMadeMeWhite http://www.npr.org/2016/03/28/472160616/-berniemademewhite-no-bernie-sanders-isnt-just-winning-with-white-people


        PRO-CHOICE CANDIDATES: This is just more BS firstly Bernie has a 100% rating from NARAL as a pro-choice politician. Secondly, Bernie has never endorsed anyone who was as Anti-Choice as Hilary’s pick to be VP, Tim Kaine. Kaine supports the frigging Hyde Amendment and confirmed his support for it all through the campaign. So don’t come near me with that crap. If Choice were so important there would have been demonstrations and marches int he street when Hillary picked Governor “medically unnecessary ultrasound” as VP.

        VOTING RECORD AGREEMENT: There was a HUGE difference between the two candidates. Just because they have similar voting records in the Senate (where he and Hillary only served 3 years together) doesn’t mean they are alike. Look, if you and I fly coach and we both chose the chicken over the fish, does that mean that we both like chicken? Well, that’s the way Congress works. What finally gets brought up for a vote is not necessarily anyone’s first choice. nd if you are allergic to fish, like me, then it’s gonna be the rubber chicken whether I like it or not.

        EXAGGERATED? Bernie’s NUBER ONE policy issue, what he talked about in every speech, like a “broken record”, that policy issue that was his “one nte” that he played all the time, was Single payer Healthcare. What did Hillary say? She screamed at the top of her lungs that Single Payer was “SOMETHING THAT WILL NEVER, EVER COME TO PASS.”

        WON THE PRIMARY BY CHEATING: Let me ask you: why do YOU think Debbie Wasserman Schultz and 4 other DNC bigwigs had to suddenly resign 1 day before the Convention? Why was Donna Brazile fired from CNN? Ther eis a lawsuit going on against the DNC for rigging the primary, did you know that?

      • Wrong. Hillary Clinton called Sanders racist many times, as did her surrogates, for his views on gun violence.
        Wrong. He released his 2014 returns.
        Wrong. The Interviewer asked a question that was non sequitur; IOW what he asked Bernie’s opinion on was something that did not and could not exist.
        Wrong. See chart below from the Harvard-harris poll. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/1d0dd9b072024cf97f053b51df9aff7f42be0ca7fecab54713e0d7cd07d1fece.jpg
        Wrong. Bernie was much more committed to choice than Hillary. I am 100% sure Bernie would have picked a pro-choice VP, unlike Clinton, who chose Governor “Unnecessary Ultrasound” Tim Kaine, who voiced support for the Hyde Amendment several times during the campaign.
        Wrong: if you and I fly coach on a plane and we both choose chicken rather than fish for our meal, does that mean we both love chicken? No.
        Wrong. And did you not now that there is a lawsuit against the DNC for rigging the election?

        • Quote hillary calling Bernie a racist.

          Show me evidence.

          The lawsuit against the DNC doesn’t change the fact that Trump is president.

          Bernie also promised to release more returns than he does did. Lack of transparency. A partial for one year is still not normal.

          You don’t even know Bernie. He has already endorsed multiple anti abortion candidates. Google it.

          You’re badly informed. Bernie is too much like a cult figure for me. You won’t admit he’s a flawed candidate but the rest of us can see his flaws in plain sight.

          • Omg

            That’s your idea of calling Elwin a racist?

            Are you a republican?


          • I am a Bernie supporter and I was told by many a Hillbot that Bernie was a racist because he used dog whistles and code words to say that gun violence was a black problem. Not true, but then you guys always had to grasp at whatever straws were available.

          • I know Bernie has endorsed anti-abortion candidates. But none of them signed legislation as a Governor to force women to have medically unnecessary ultrasounds. Like Tim Kaine, the anti-choice Democrat your Hive Queen picked as her VP.

          • Oh please.

            I don’t have a hive queen.

            I am a hive queen. And you’re nitpicking. Bernie’s pick didn’t happen to be a Forbes governor but a former mayor. And I thought your argument was that Bernie is perfect and hillary is flawed.

            If you want to say both of them are flawed, and so are the other candidates they endorse and campaign with, sure.

            I concur. People who preferred Bernie’s flawed people picked him and vice versa.

          • I do not think it is a flaw to endorse pro-life Democrats. The ACA was passed because of 18 pro-life Democrats in the House. You don’t have to be pro-choice to stand with working people and against the economic royalists.

          • Do you think Bernie is flawed?

            If you don’t I can list his flaws. But I won’t bother if you admit he has them.

          • What I object to is the blatant hypocrisy and mean-spiritedness of people who attacked Bernie and heath Mello and yet gave Clinton and Kaine a pass.

          • I object to those who attacked hillary and gave Bernie a pass.

            So we’re even.

            I would have voted for Bernie if he’d been the nominee.

            Because I care about the whole country. Not just myself.

          • I care about the whole country as well, which is why I opposed Hillary. I have sen what the neolib Corporate Democrats have done since 1980, and it had to stop. Obama was the latest, and https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/1ad65a68b257b3c9797154338da57250b3ccfd92c407bba6071d851ec3a20c7d.png best example of how the Democrats were killing the country by failing to provide any sort of real opposition to the GOP on economic policies. Which is why they were wiped out under Obama.

          • “Bernie’s pick didn’t happen to be a former governor but a former mayor.” what does that mean exactly? As far as I know, Bernie never named a VP candidate.

          • I am not badly informed. You are badly informed. To claim that the “core” of the Democratic Party is comprised of black women is simply beyond stupid. Not to mention egoistic and narcissistic in the extreme. Go away. Read a book. And get your head out of your own butt and realise that Bernie is the most popular politician in America. He is favoured by 80% of Democrats, and you are party of a very small hateful 8% percent of Democrats who don’t like him. Screw you. Deal with it.
            And as far as flawed candidates are concerned: how anyone who supported Hillary Clinton can even dare to call anyone else flawed is simply beyond the pale. You do realise that she lost to Donald Trump, right? Good God, she was the most disliked politician in history.

          • Bwahahahahaha. She lost to Donny Tiny Hands. Deal with it. 80% of American thought she was untrustworthy. Obama destroyed the Democratic Party in 8 years and ran around the country pushing TPP while she was trying to shake the taint of NAFTA. She had too much baggage, and she had no reason to run. She never did. She was a resume candidate.

          • So you are an elitist and an economic royalist. You belong in the Democratic Party. Do you have a post-grad degree? I bet you do. Answer me please. Do you have a Master’s? A PhD?

          • I earn less income than working class white men with no college at all.

            You’re the elitist.


          • By the way I’m not a black woman. So how is it egotistical pointing out that most white Americans (people like me) vote for republicans? And the people who do show up consistently in large numbers for liberal causes are women of color.

            White men need to wake up and care about this country more.

          • I urge you to read Arlie Hoschild’s Strangers in their own Land.

            It’s as good or better.

          • Did you not see the chart I showed you earlier? Bernie is :EAST popular among white males. He is most popular among AA and women.
            As far as white men needing to wake up and “care about this country more”, that is just a stupid thing to say. Why should white men vote Democratic? Really? Are they supposed to vote out of altruism? Or out of “White Man’s Guilt”? What are the programs and policies that Democrats push that are targeted at white men? Mind you, I do not believe in Identity Politics, and pandering to discrete demos is what has ruined the Democratic Party. But because they did that, they made white men feel left out. That is why Bernie is so popular. You are mired in the disease of Identity Politics. The fact that you single out black women as the core of the Party proves it.
            When Bernie says “we cannot allow them to divide us up” he is talking about people like you, who see everything through the prism of Identity Politics. YOU are the ones who need to wake up and start caring about this country instead of a select few demographics that fit your definition of “deserving” or “oppressed.”

          • You don’t listen.

            Hillary won more women of color than Bernie did.

            He won young women 25 or 30 and below. But she won the rest.

            Every progressive candidate’s support is mostly women. That’s what I’ve been trying to say.

            Most white men and women vote for republicans.

          • The women who chose hillary did so because we like her better.

            Get over it and stop accusing us of being duped by the DNC.

            We looked them both over and chose her as our candidate. The DNC may be a big basis of your decision making about a candidate, but it plays no role at all in my decision making

            It’s condescending to assume that hillary voters would have voted differently if the DNC had run the debate schedule differently or whatever other petty crimes you accuse them of.

          • 3.7 million of us liked her better.

            Sue anyone you like.

            But the dnc didn’t force me or anyone I know to like her better.

            You think I didn’t vote your economic interest when I voted for Hillary? Look at Trump’s tax plan and tell me that her economic plan was worse.

            Bernie didn’t have low favorable because she didn’t run a negative campaign against him. With 3.7 million more voters she knew she didn’t need to. But you hate her anyway.

            I have a master’s and you have a BA but your net worth is probably higher than mine. I do walk and chew gum at the same time. I never assumed Trump would be just fine. I saw the ugliness of the GOP agenda embodied in him.

            Trump was planning to campaign against Bernie as an environmental racist for shipping nuclear waste to Texas if he had been the nominee. Hillary chose not to run against him on that issue. But you hate her anyway.

            Trump was also planning to play footage of Bernie endorsing various communist leaders around the world and brand him crazy Bernie. Do you really think that Bernie’s favorables would have been awesome after that?

            Trump is a good politician. He apparently could sell stink to a skunk.

            I would have voted for hillary or Bernie. But my ultimate choice was her because I thought she would have made a really good president.

            No lawsuit could have change that.

          • “Bernie didn’t have low favorables because she didn’t run a negative campaign against him. No one ever has. ” This is almost too stupid for words. You think that in 30+ years of running as an Independent, against both Democratic AND Republican opponents, no one ever ran a negative campaign against him? LOL!!
            Besides, surrogates like McCaskill started slinging the Commie attacks against Bernie in spring of 2015. And CTR spent million$ on online trolls to attack Bernie in social media; the Wapo ran 16 hit pieces in 16 hours – a world record. Please.Are you SURE you have a Master’s?

          • “Trump was planning to campaign against Bernie as an environmental racist ” – you cannot be serious. Besides, that attack would not have made much difference to the people who were voting Bernie to get Single Payer healthcare, free college, $15 min. wage, etc. Bernie’s race wasn’t about HIM – it was about policy. But Hillbots are incapable of grasping that, bc HRC’s campaign was all about being “with HER”.

          • I am serious.

            This was reported in Newsweek.

            If you can’t win a discussion without referring to people you disagree with as Hilbots, you are not worth my time.

            You are only fighting for yourself. Your lawsuit. Yourself.

            Women in the Democratic Party are fighting Trump’s budget. We are fighting for everybody. We are altruistic and you disdain altruism, remember?

            Bernie might have won and he might have lost. But supporters like you are why he did not win the primary. You’re disrespectful and self centered.

            The future is female. And luckily for you women don’t just take care of ourselves we take care of men too.

            Not that you deserve it.

            My last comment to you.

          • Your whole rant is exactly why republicans win. White working class men want selfish reasons to vote for democrats? How did you do during the bush years vs the Clinton years? How did you do during the obama years v the bush years?

            The democrats don’t have a single program that is only for black women. You’re foolish if you think that they do. Health care is for everyone. Workers comp programs and protecting social security (in comparison with Paul Ryan who lusts over cutting these “entitlements”) is for everyone.

            There is only one kind of “identity politics” that is driving this country apart. It’s the kind Trump plays and the Republican Party plays on white men and women.

            “Identity” isn’t something people are born into. How many black women signed up to be black women before birth?


            The Democratic Party benefits everyone except the one percent. Don’t believe me? Look at Trump. There’s your “blue collar billionaire”. What a con. Don’t fall for it unless you aren’t feeling altruistic toward yourself.

          • “Health care is for everyone” – the ACA still leaves tens of millions uninsured. It is a Republican plan, it is Romneycare, and Obama used a filibuster-proof majority to deliver a piece of right wing shit from the Heritage Foundation. And please don’t compare the corporate Democrats with Paul Ryan. It’s like comparing lung cancer with bubonic plague.

            Identity Politics is something both sides play. They NEED to. For every Democrat who runs and wins on a pro-choice platform, there is a Republican who runs and wins on a pro-life platform.

            “”Identity” isn’t something people are born into” – EXACTLY!! That is my point. It is NOT something that you are born into, it is something that the two political parties thrust upon you. You are right on the premise, but then you fail to see how the Parties use that “Identity” to separate us, to divide us up. To triangulate. This is the heart of neoliberalism. Bill Clinton perfected it. He wasn’t called the “pander bear” for nothing – he would have a different speech for every group he spoke to. Ad Hillary was the same way. And that is why Hillbots criticised Bernie for being a “one note” candidate, or a “broken record” – because he always gave the same speech regardless of the audience – because he did not see himself trying to chase discrete voting blocs, he saw himself trying to capture the votes of the 99% of Americans who are NOT “millionaires and billionaires.”

            The neoliberal CorpDems would go after “the back vote” or “the Hispanic vote” or the “suburban soccer mom vote” or “the youth vote.” They broke us all down in to discrete parts. And for their part the Republicans would go after “the Evangelical vote” or “the Catholic vote” or the “white vote”. identity Politics was not just a Democratic thing, it was a GOP thing as well. That is what Nixon;s whole “Southern Strategy” was about. They went after the whites in the South. And the Democrats gave up on those voters and contented themselves with locking up the Black vote.

            But as long as people define themselves ONLY as “a Proud White Southerner” or “a Proud Black Woman” when it comes to voting, we are all screwed. I would hope you could see that.

            I basically have explained everything here. http://www.euroyankee.com/2016/11/22/social-justice-vs-economic-justice-the-false-dichotomy-of-identity-politics/

          • Look, I don’t call you a racist, and I mostly agree with your point except that you are still coming from a privileged position. Bernie would triangulate too. He always has. He and hillary voted together 93 percent of the time in the senate. Bernie offered to work with trump immediately after he was elected. What was that but triangulation?

            However, here’s what you’re missing about identity politics. Please listen.

            I didn’t choose to be born into the body I was born into any more than you did. Yet because of my “identity” I have part of the system of life rigged against me. You might get angry about women getting too many rights or whatever…but my mom could not leave her abusive marriage when I was a child because she lacked the ability to financially support herself.

            Feminism isn’t a side issue…it’s life or death for human beings who are born into bodies that other people choose to see as less human.

            If that doesn’t matter to you, then the democratic coalition is destined to fall apart.

            I am already voting for your interests economically when I vote. I would welcome socialism. Or a stronger social safety net.

            But I also must fight for my human rights in a way that you don’t have to because you’re less likely to be domestically abused or raped. It can happen to men, yes. But it happens more to women.

            Equality is also the basis of a just society.

            Any liberal who ignores all of my human rights as just a side issue isn’t going to win my support. There are working class women too who need more help than we have. My mom isn’t a special interest. She’s a person. And without equal rights in the workplace, what good do democrats have to offer her?

            Racism was invented as a rationalization for the enslavement and exploitation of black people. Sexism is a rationalization for the exploitation and enslaving of women around the globe.

            If your brand of liberalism ignores my civil rights, there’s not much room for a coalition. And me asking for these civil rights isn’t divisive. It’s life and death for women, whether or not you see this.

          • “He and hillary voted together 93 percent of the time in the senate” First, they were only together in the Senate for 3 years. Second, if you and I flew coach and we each ordered the chicken rather than the fish, would you say that we had the same tastes in food?

          • “And without equal rights in the workplace, what good do democrats have to offer her?”
            What good are Equal Employment Opportunity laws when there are no employment opportunities? What good are fairness in lending laws when no one can afford a mortgage? What good is the Fair Pay Act when that pay is still not enough to feed a family?
            I am saying that we CAN walk and chew gum at the same time. We need to look at the issues that unite us, and campaign on those. Yes, any good Democrat is for equal rights. But that cannot be the whole message. We need to work for the 99%.

          • “If your brand of liberalism ignores my civil rights” – you are being deliberately obtuse here.And I am not saying I am a liberal. I am a progressive. BTW Bernie bristles when called a Liberal. I suggest you listen to this song: (“Love me, I’m a Liberal.”) It’s a bit dated but the concept is still the same. https://youtu.be/u52Oz-54VYw

          • I’m a member of the women’s march and the resistance fighting trump through letter writing and pestering congress and showing up at town halls.

            Maybe one day you will realize that the women of the Democratic Party have fought harder for your economic well being and our own than any bro has.

          • ” the women of the Democratic Party have fought harder for your economic well being and our own than any bro has” – you have a penchant for making absolutist statements, such as “this book is better than that book” or “thids group has fought harder than that group.” I am beginning to think you are a GOP troll being paid to sow division within the ranks of the Democratic Party, because you are doing a damned good job of that..

            It’s not enough to fight Trump. What if Trump is impeached? What will you fight for then? Single Payer? Free college? $15 min. wage? If you want to fight for those things, you will need to start fighting the Democratic Party. Just as Kshama Sawant.

            Look, I guess we’ll just have to disagree. You are part of that 8% of Democrats who don’t like Bernie Sanders, and I am part of the 80% who do. And unfortunately your 8% includes the Party Leadership and the major Donors and incumbents. So I guess we will be fighting for a while until we see who wins this thing: the People or the Elites. You may say you are not elitist, but I am standing with the poor and working class and students who make up the 80% and you are standing with the elitists who oppose him and his “socialist” policies..like Nancy Pelosi (Net Worth $196mm), Dianne Feinstein (Net Worth $20mm) and Claire McCaskill (Net worth $20mm) Not to mention your shero, Hillary (Net Worth $150mm). Let the battle begin.

            One thing though – unlike you, I will not attempt to further fracture the party or sow the seeds of division by talking about the “men” of the Democratic Party. Unlike you, I will not try to “divide us up” even further by creating opposition camps with in the party based on gender. I will sign off with “yours in hope of future solidarity” with the wish that you will someday be able to rise above your Identity Politics and join with others outside your perceived identity group.

  2. All those Clinton and Obama bots can FO. All they did by voting for the lesser of evils is elect evil, neoliberal, Reagan Republican pretending to be Democrats, who moved the party further and further to the right until they finally destroyed it. Hillary, Obama, and the DNC stole the primary from Bernie and ran the only person on the planet capable of losing to OMFG Trump. There is no Russia. They and their media pals are responsible for Trump.

  3. I have been a Democrat for 45+ years and cringed at the thought of Hillary running. Then Bernie stepped into the ring and I knew he was my choice. The DNC sabotaged him at every turn and even Hillary told us in Washington & Oregon she didn’t need us to beat Bernie for the nomination (we have mail in ballots and harder for the DNC to influence) and Bernie beat her easily. While the GOP were running their smear campaigns against her, she was making it easy for them because the DNC was so obviously corrupt. I want a true progressive party and the Democrats are not progressive. They lost a lifetime supporter and I have a list of friends that are with me on this. The electoral college, this 2 party system & citizens united have got to go. I will not pick the lesser of and I will not vote Democrat unless they change their tune. Debbie Wasserman-Shultz is as repulsive as Trump is.

    • Lovely.

      Trump will keep winning then. You obviously don’t mind a Trump win. I hope he doesn’t cut your health care or your social security etc etc etc.

      What I learned from the last election is that many white democratic men were only willing to vote for a white guy after obama.

      Whether it was trump or sanders didn’t matter to them.

      I wonder if anything trump does will make you realize the depth of your mistake.

      • I am hoping Tulsi Gabbard or Kamala Harris will make a run and they both seem more progressive than other Dems. The DNC really needs to pull its head out and start pulling people together rather than pushing people away. They need to listen, not dictate. Hillary won my state by a large margin so take your Trump BS somewhere else. If the DNC doesn’t figure this out, its their own fault but I will not vote for anyone they try to shove down my throat as they did with Hillary.

        • She won by 3.7 million more votes than Bernie.

          All of those voters “shoved” hillary down your throat as you put it. In other words they voted.

          I like Kamala very much. She’s my senator. I might like Gabbard, I don’t know much about her.

          But stop with the dnc hatred. Let trump put an end to the senseless divisions.

          • I will “hate” the DNC as much as I want to. I have supported them for 45+ years with $$, time working campaigns & voting and if they choose not to listen to me, we will simply part ways.

          • I have voted for men most of my life.

            I voted for one woman in 2016. First time in my life.

            If you want to hate me for it be my guest.

            The Democratic Party may not be the party for white men only any more. And in the end I think it’s a good thing. If you think the republicans are going to treat you better, go ahead.

            Try more bush years. More trump years. Maybe there will be no country left effectually.

            And we women will clean up the mess as per usual.

  4. I wanted Elizabeth, or at least her progressive policies. I voted for Bernie. Then I voted for Hillary. You can’t always get what you want but I knew damn well Trump wasn’t it. I also knew Hillary wasn’t going to dismantle all the progress we made under Obama. People talk about putting party ahead of country. Well, anyone who voted 3rd party or just plain stayed home did exactly that.

  5. If you look at the actual votes, Trump got no more votes than McCain or Romney. I was a Sanders volunteer and primary voter who voted for Clinton. What I’m most angry about are all the “progressives” who had their feelings hurt because Bernie lost the primary and stayed home. They are the ones who deserve this fascist Trump presidency. For all this evil Trump’s unleashing on this country – the environmental, health insurance, immigrant, racist, and other horrors he creating will all come back on those people who were too lazy to vote against this dumpster fire. I hope those people reap that awfulness 3 fold.